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Friday, January 28, 2011

Update on the Storm

Well, the storm came and it was declared a snow day - hallelujah! (I mean that MOST reverently.)  Ron and I spent 2 hours outside trying to rescue the GM from the snow drifts that grew faster than we could shovel.  (Keep in mind the 70 kmh wind gusts and pelting snow...good times.)  We were forced to cover the snow blower as best we could and abandon it to mother nature.  It snowed all day and through the night and by morning you could just see the top of the Green Monster, covered in plastic and surrounded by drifts, like a cherry in a whip cream dollop.  The driveway was thigh deep in drifts and we had to call in reinforcements to plow us out.  (Thank you Cory!)  Ron and I waded through the snow, so that one of my co-workers could pick me up and take me to work.  Ron, sweet man that he is, went first to make it easier for me to get through - my own personal snow plow - no rude comments please.  (See the picture in our previous post showing how long the driveway actually is...)

I'm saddened to report that we did have a casualty...our mail's presumably somewhere out in the farmer's field having been murdered by one of the region's industrial size snow plows...we aren't sure whether there was any mail in it or not.

That being said (a favourite phrase of mine, I'm coming to learn), the GM is out of the drift, the car has been up and down the drive and we've refilled the food coffers for yet another week.

On a brighter note, we found out what those fat little birds are...the gaggle that hangs out in the fir trees...apparently they're Hungarian Partridge.  (I don't know if they eat schnitzel or drink beer, but they do waddle like those Eastern European stacking dolls (or Weebles - if you think it a better reference point). 

I mean, they're pretty darn cute and so fat that they fall through the snow crust and have to try and hop out of the dent they make...I keep worrying that one might find a partridge sized crevasse and then where will the little fellow be?

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  1. Well, I must admit that Gilles and I are a bit jealous. We want a big snow day, but since we don't really work the fun might be lost on us. Perhaps we will get one just when I head back to work.
    Stay warm!!