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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Great White Way (Snow, Chocolate and Porcelain)

No, not the White Way of Delight, like in Anne of Green Gables, but our very own white way of more snow.  Sorry I haven't been diligent about updating the blog, but between getting that cake ready for delivery and battling a serious head cold, I haven't had much time or inclination for writing.  Here are some photos of the lovely icicles hanging off the back porch and two visitors that we happened to get photos of.

Shot looking through one of the big icicles.

The first fox I've seen on our property.

And then the friend shows up, too!

Heathcliffe was nowhere to be seen!

In answer to some questions about the cake itself:

The Credit Union ordered it as they were hosting "children's day" which is part of the Winter Carnival in the town of Kensington where I work.  I had previously offered to make a baby shower cake for one of my co-workers, but it had already been ordered, but they gave Ron and I a chance to show our fledgling cake skills for the Winter Carnival.  The cake you saw on the previous post was the result.  Here are a few pictures of the process:

Decorations in progress

My cute little white chocolate snow people.

Adding Cookies and Cream filling!

Finished Tree

Dirty icing the toboggan hill.
Yes, I think I'm, rocking the pink snowflake pajama bottoms!  I might need to invest in baker's whites if I'm to continue, as I'm coated in splotches of butter cream, food colouring and powdered sugar!  We only charged cost as this was our first cake, here on the Island.  We're not sure if you can actually make a living out of cake making here.  As I've mentioned, Islanders are pragmatic and economical...they think a sheet cake with butter cream roses is just as good as my cake.  (Well really, it comes down to flavour and if the cake tastes good and looks okay, how can you argue?)
In other news, our bathroom is as gutted as a room can be...I'll prove it:
The hated shower, now gone
(The closet is now a foot further to the right, but I haven't taken a picture of that yet.)

Where the tub had been

Once a toilet
Actually, it's even more gutted than that, as the floors have been remove and a lot of the wall has also been pulled down to allow for moisture resistant wall board to go up and better patch jobs to be done, etc.  Ron has been sistering up boards to the floor joists to get the floor level so we can install a larger shower, a big soaker tub and b-e-a-utiful 1' by 2' tiles on.  So I guess this is phase two of the bathroom, we decided not to draw it out with a phase three.
To those of you wondering, we are indeed getting sick of the snow.  If it isn't snowing, it's usually windy and blowing the snow back in to the spaces we've already dug out.  There are moments, like today, where the sun is shining and the wind is calm and it's actually gorgeous and peaceful and we don't have a complaint in the world.  (Of course, we just spent two hours shovelling out the front walkway so we can take delivery of our bathroom fixtures this week.  We couldn't use the GM, as the snow drift was five feet high and about the same length.)

Apparently we'll forget all about winter once summer the locals tell us, but I have my doubts.  I don't think it's physically possible for all the snow to melt until well in to September, but I'd be happy to eat my words.  Take care, All!  We miss you.

PS Work is going fine.  The woman I'm covering for had a little girl on the 10th of February and  the lady that is retiring had her last day on Friday.  The branch is very sad about losing her and I have to say she is a lovely lady who I'll miss as well.  That's it for tales from the Island (very Canadian - red in the summer, white in the winter!)  Lots of love!

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