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Saturday, February 5, 2011

There's No Business Like Snow Business!

Yup, piled over our heads!

The nice flat edge?  How deep the snow drifted!

I'm sure all of you are tired of hearing about snow, and many of you are wondering why we're still here with the silly amounts of winter that have been dumped on us.  Brace yourselves!  Here's the upcoming forecast for the week (courtesy of
                     Sunday        Monday      Tuesday       Wednesday    Thursday     Friday
E 45 km/h
W 10 km/h
SE 10 km/h
W 30 km/h
S 10 km/h
E 25 km/h

        24Hr Snow     20 - 30 cm   Close to 1 cm  5-10 cm          less than 1 cm      5-10 cm              10+ cm

Yup...they're calling for up to 62 cms of snow from now until Friday.  Ron and I are sharpening the shovels and lubing up the GM.    Back to the "why are you still there?"  When the sun's out it gorgeous.  Think about going up in to the mountains, where everything is coated in snow and you stand in the stillness; surrounded by sparkling crystal snow and the only thing that weighs heavy is the peace that fills the air.  You have to experience it to understand it.  Pictures don't do it justice. (Says the girl getting ready to upload photos!)

On a more homey front, we've started the upstairs bathroom renovations.  Ron has successfully added shut off valves to the shower pipes and ripped out the sad old shower enclosure.  We've selected our tiles and are ordering the rest of the bathroom stuff on Monday...exciting but intimidating!  We have to rip the floor out and re level it, as we've selected a really fantastic grey 24x12 tile for floors and the shower.  (Assuming we can get the floor level enough...)  Pictures to come.

I must go, we're having our first dinner guests tonight, so as most of you know I have lots of prep work to do to get ready.  Miss you all!


  1. Great pictures.

    I hate plumbing, I just replaced a sink drain, should be simple, but the old sink was rusted around the drain hole, when I removed it I had a huge hole, which is now filled with scilicone.

    Did Ron solder the shutoff valves or use the compression type?

  2. soldering required. Apparently we don't have the right valves for the toilet, so we've had to improvise...never a good word to use when it comes to plumbing, as you well know. Our bathroom is naked. Only the ugle mirror/lighting remains, oh, and the flooring. That will come out soon, then the fun begins.