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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Grass is Always Greener...In Our Yard??? An Island Update

Sorry again for the delay of a new post, but life has a strange way of catching up with the two of us.  (Yeah, like none of you feel that way...)

We had our "date night" for our anniversary finally.  We went to a lovely restaurant called "Lot 30".  They have a neat little gimmick, where you can watch your food being plated via CCTV.  (Closed Circuit Television)  We had a neat little before dinner drink called "Golden Button"s which consisted of white port, lemon juice and tonic...quite refreshing.  The whole meal was yummy and our server was quite enthusiastic.

On the weather front: we have seen grass!!!!  (No we weren't SMOKING grass and hallucinating.)  We had a big old melt and we've seen the ground at last.  Don't get me wrong - there's still heaps (literally) of snow all around, but there is definitely hope for the Spring!  I can almost smell lobster season!

The bathroom reno is coming along.  Ron has been doggedly plugging away at it and has managed to level the floor, level the wall for the shower stall and even moved the closet over so we can have the larger shower we wanted.  (This included moving a door with frame, so I was suitably impressed, as the door opens and the trim will hang straight.)  Tomorrow the plumbing rough in is going to be started (&, ever so hopefully, completed) and this weekend we might be able to start putting up sheet rock and mudding!  (Dare I hope for tiling, too?)

Testing out tub placement.
Shower tray - nice and roomy!
Vanity & under mount sink currently in the living room ;0)
Close up of the's really quite pretty.

I was attacked by my own kitchen knife once again, sadly.  This only serves to highlight the importance of keeping your kitchen knives sharp!  I refused stitches this time and the cut is healing quite nicely, despite some dodgy moments of clammy faintness, but I didn't go down! In kitchen related news, we've had our second cake order, so get ready for pictures of that.

That's about all the news from the Robertson Homestead.  Happy belated Women's Day and Happy upcoming St. Patrick's Day!


  1. "They have a neat little gimmick, where you can watch your food being plated via CCTV. (Closed Circuit Television)"

    So you had TV diners for your aniversary ?

  2. Yes, minus the tinfoil and microwavable tray, Mr. Smartypants!