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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is in the Air, but No Ducks in the Tub...Yet!

Time goes "March"ing on (if you'll excuse the pun).  Ron continues to work diligently on the bathroom and things are coming along.  The sub-floor is all in and the rough plumbing is complete.  The shower tray has been installed and the door from the hallway has been levelled giving the effect of a level room.  (Imagine that!)  Ron and I are struggling with finding the right wallpaper to make the proper "drama" statement.  He's worried that we've gone too cold with our colour palette and I don't want to settle for something muted.  We'll find something, but there are no wallpaper stores on PEI...just the selections at the big box realistic fish or toile farm animals if you please.  We do have one sheet of wall board up, so things are progressing and I'm looking forward to tiling and decorating.

We had a lovely dinner at a friend's house the weekend before last - they know how to entertain, nothing says welcome like LOBSTER.  Yum!  There was also a lovely apple crumble for dessert and very tasty starter as well.  (We burned the garlic bread, but that what you get for chatting, instead of paying attention.)

The snow is melting away, despite a flurry on the weekend, but we still have heaps in the yard.  Another sign of spring is the geese returning - the farmers fields are just chock block with them.  There are even crocuses etc showing faces to the warming sun, at least in town.  The driveway is a swamp and we're forced to park our car near the road and walk in, but besides that we're looking forward to the better weather.  I don't think it's likely that fixing the driveway constitutes "environmental" upgrades, but I might be willing to argue with the CRA over it!   I'm searching for signs of spring on our own property, but have nothing to report at this time.  I was anticipating flowers starting to sprout in the beds etc, but perhaps there aren't any.  We do get wonderful tiger lilies in the late summer and I'm pretty sure there are a few lilac trees.  I love lilacs and can't wait for them to start blooming.  SPRING SPRING SPRING.  (Patience, Grasshopper!)

If anything interesting starts growing, I'll post pictures and I'll work and getting a few pictures of Ron and I up so you all know we're still alive and well!  Bisous! (As they say in french - "kisses".)

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