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Saturday, April 2, 2011

White, Black and Green

It's been fairly quiet here at the old Robertson homestead.  The snow has been melting away slowly and we had high hopes of spring.  Here's what we saw when we woke up this morning:

Bleh!  But such are the vagaries of spring on the Island.  The locals have assured us that the snow will make the old snow melt faster and the rain will dry the ground up more quickly.  Whatever you have to do to get through the day is all I have to say!  (On the upside, I don't think we got the 15cm that the weather people were calling for.)

We found a very interesting variety of tomatoes...(Tom this is for you!)  Had to buy them just because:

They are as advertised - firm juicy and with a brownish tinge.

We are getting ready to prime the bathroom and paint.  Things are a bit delayed as some of our supplies weren't delivered as expected.  (I'm sure anyone who's done a reno is gasping in surprise right now!)  We don't know where the Kurdi membrane is (or whether it's been shipped yet), our wallpaper is in transit & the in floor heat (apparently required in these parts, according to the locals) is yet to be ordered. (Our bad...but we've just come round to the idea of putting it in.)  Here's some pictures of Ron's hard work:

Shower controls

Nice tight cuts!

He actually has a lot more done...the drywall is completed and he's taped and mudded everything including the finish coat.  We bought a lovely blingy chandelier to glam the room up, possibly making the bathroom the nicest room in the house.  Ron joked that we'd have to move the dining table up there to enjoy it more.

One of the ladies at work found me some red Thai curry paste so Ron and I gorged on Red Curry Mussels last weekend.  Yummy!
Well, that's it for news from PEI.  Snow, black tomatoes (& mussels!) and green sheet rock.  We can't wait for spring, but then that brings on a whole other "To Do" list.  Our love to all of you!


  1. Nice to see that snow melting, we have had cooler than normal temperatures here. I think we broke a 100 year cold record on the weekend for April.

    Hope those tomatoes were worthwhile, I'm glad the name wasn't identical as I can see they are trademarked, I would hate to have to change my name.
    Ron's handiwork is looking pretty good; he seems to be putting in the same kind of detail as he did into his sculptures. Looking forward to seeing all the work one day.

  2. The ladder is working out great, but we don't think it will reach the trim in the peak of the roof on the second floor. I think that there's some sort of rule about names and trademarks...the weather record kicks ours (25 years) to the curb, but keep in mind it was minus 9 this morning!