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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Around, Then Off the Rock.

It's hard to believe that the family visit is over already. It seems like we spent weeks preparing and then the time just went so quickly. The weather was mostly uncooperative, but we muddled through anyway. Better cloudy and rainy than 50 on the humidity index. Here are some photos from the visit, proving that we went from North Cape to East Point & places in between and even left the Island to go see some more of the Maritimes.
Seacow Bay, I believe...the map is in the car.

North Cape - one of the windiest spots in Canada

Still North Cape

Singing Sands Beach
Singing Sands is named for the strange squeaking sound your feet make when walking on the beach.  Its rather like a chirp, but can only be heard when the sand is the right temperature.  Fortunately for us, the day turned sunny, just as we arrived, so we enjoyed a lovely picnic and some lazy down time and sand that sang to us as we walked.  The clouds (in the photo above) were amazing.  The picture doesn't do them justice at all; they looked like a painting (not really surrealistic, but impressionistic, I guess).  It was truly amazing and almost everyone at the beach noticed and commented on the unusualness - that may or may not be a real word.

East Point Lighthouse

And we then ventured over Confederation bridge (a 13 kilometre stretch, for those of you curious about such things) and made our way to Nova Scotia.
Steel Sailing Vessel in Lunenburg, NS

Quaint Fishing Shack in Lunenburg

Michelle and Tom venturing in to see the Blue Nose II (under construction)

Pretty Lunenburg Street Scene
Morning Fog on the Inlet - Halifax
Changing of the guards at the Citadel...pure fluke that we were there!

Peggy's Cove - a must see if you're in Nova Scotia

It was a wonderful trip!  Many thanks to our tour guide Liz (one of Michelle's girlhood friends).  After 3 full days in Nova Scotia, we hopped back in the  car and headed home.  I'm very much a fair weather photographer, for the most part, so there are very little photos of our trip when the sky was filled with clouds.  We did visit some lovely little (& larger) places like Victoria-by-the-Sea, Brackley Beach. Souris and, of course, Charlottetown.  We had two very lovely dinners, one at the Inn at St. Peter's and the other at the Dunes Gallery and Restaurant.  At the Dunes we also enjoyed a lovely thunder and lightening storm and were lucky enough to have finished dinner before the power went out.  (No espresso for me...)  That sounds so dreadfully rural & backward, losing their power, but I don't think I could recommend the restaurant any more highly, even for the most distinguished of palates!  It really was delicious.
From the PEI Side of the Confederation Bridge

View from our front door
(Yes, we've put in a new screen door, isn't it pretty?)
 I have three (yes, count 'em) cake order over the next little while, so expect updates.  I had mostly given up on the cake thing, as orders had evaporated, but here I go again!  Be well & don't forget about us!  Lots of love from Prince Edward Island.

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