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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Take the Cake!

Hello All! Many greetings from the Gentle Island.  It's official, I've launched my cake business website/blog.  (I haven't bought a domain name yet, so a free blog, it will have to be!)

Here's the link: TAKE THE CAKE!  The site is under construction, but I do have a few pictures up, most of which you've already seen, but it's nice to see all the cakes together.  It you don't want to leave this stimulating blog to check it out (ha ha) here are some pictures of my latest cake (showing the process):

Hand made - each one by little old me.

Butter creamed bottom layer & fondant in the foreground
(The cake isn't off kilter, but it sure looks like it is!)

More hand made flowers
With fondant, ribbon & topper
The final product.

Detail of top.

Back of cake.
As with anything this continues to be a learning process.  I have another cake to get ready for next weekend and a possible third in September, so I'm back to being a cake factory.  At some point I'm hoping that I won't need to buy anything to complete a cake order, but for now we're learning as we go.  (Things like: mental note, make fondant of ribbon a grey colour & THEN paint on the silver!) 

We spent part of the morning watching a hawk sitting up in one of our apple trees.  He seemed quite put out about something, as he kept yelling from his perch.  He must have sat there for a half hour or so & then just flew off towards the river.  Not sure what he was trying to tell us, but it was lovely spending some time with him.  We also have a marvelous Casablanca lily blooming out back.  I'll bore you with pictures on another installment and we've harvested our coriander seeds.  Its very nice having fresh herbs for cooking!

Ah well, not much else to report from the land of potatoes and lobster, but we are getting ready to have a lovely feast of mussels!  Living la vida loca!  Yup, in the wilds of PEI!

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