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Monday, August 24, 2015

Five Years In

Well, I just realized that I've been writing this little blog for five years. Where does the time go? No, I'm serious...five years have passed in a blink and my mind boggles at it. The pictures illustrate part of my personal philosophy of life.
Dance when you can.

Five years, over 200 posts, 62 countries reached, two books published and another on the way. During the time I've crossed Canada 6 times, traveled to three continents (if you count the stop in Central America) and logged 1000's of kilometers on airplanes, automobiles and on foot. It makes me wonder where I'll be in five years from now. In truth, it could be almost anywhere - the interesting part will be how I arrive there.
Try to eat well.

But eat a dessert (or three) now and then
So happy birthday to me! Another half decade under the belt, a new year ahead of me and unknown adventures waiting around the corner with my trusty husband Ron at my side (& vice versa). Life would have been so much less interesting if he hadn't been around. I can't imagine my life without him, so thanks Babe, for all the great moments and for putting up with me.
Do something that scares you.

I'm so glad for those of you that have been with me on the journey or have hitched a ride along the way. Janette, you're the best BBFB a girl could have! Love and heaps of gratitude to my sisters and Dad and my extended family and friends, you make it easier to be on the planet.
Love and be loved.