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Friday, October 8, 2010

And Then They Feasted! - caution animals were hurt in the making of this blog

The whole purpose for coming out here was cheap lobster.  (Well, okay, perhaps not the WHOLE purpose.)  Last Saturday, we headed down to the one of the local seafood shops on the dock in Summerside and purchased Sid and Nancy, two 1.5 lb lobsters.  (I have gotten in to the habit of naming any live crustaceans I cook. ) Behold the dearly departed:

Yes, that's real champagne, brought lovingly from BC for this exact purpose.  (Before we were on a fixed income.)  I made garlic butter and lemon butter for dipping and we also had a lovely Acadian style multi-grain baguette.  The lobster was delicious and I reserved the shells to make stock the next day.  Waste not, want not.

On Sunday, we took our first day to just relax and enjoy our new area.  We went for a wander around our new neighbourhood and met a couple of the other residents.  Everyone is quite friendly and welcoming; strangers wave to you as they pass in their cars. 

As it was an extra lovely day, we went to picnic by the shore and came across a very beautiful area with a lighthouse, unromantically called Seacow Head.  (Sounds rather gruesome, doesn't it?)  We sat on the bluff, in our car as the wind was quite strong and ate lunch overlooking Northumberland Straight and the red cliffs of our new home.  (Do I hear teeth grinding with jealousy?)

It's a pretty big day today, but I'll leave that for another blog.  (I've put in my first resume at a credit union, as I hear they may have an opening...I'll let you know what happens.) 


  1. So incredibly beautiful. Jealous about the lobster. We'll have to come visit to get our fill, just have to hurry up and get our house built first.

  2. Looks lovely hon.but as I sit by the pool here in Nevada in 87 degrees no jealous thoughts emerge.Wishing you both all the best.Kip says throw a Nancy in the freezer for him we will be there by and by.hugggs Nene