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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A House with a View.

We've had some pretty glorious weather around here.  Sure, today is grey and drippy (a la Vancouver) but we've had lots of sun shiney days which sets off our little environment quite nicely.  I thought I load up views from our windows, so without further ado, here they are!

Guest room (south)

From the office (north)

Side kitchen window (east)

Bonus Room (north)

Living room (west)

I'm sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of Earl Grey (I can hear all my sister say "Ewww!", but we can't all have good taste) and enjoying living in such a serene place.  The picture from the office shows a clump of trees in the distance - that's our neasest neighbour.  The living room window shot just barely shows a peak of the "across the field" neighbour.  (We haven't met her yet, but she seems a bit hermit-ish.)  The rest is all fields, trees and rolling hills, as you can well see.

I wonder what Mom would have thought about all of this.  It was her birthday on October 23...weird that I still think of her then, even though she's gone.  The living room is progressing (pictures to come) and still no word on the job front.  (If none of the recent job interviews pan out, I'll take a bit of a break and try again later.  (Thanks for the career advice Magic 8 Ball!)

We think of you all, often and wish you all well.

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  1. PS - I really try to get the pictures to line up in a nice orderly fashion, but sometimes the darned things just refuse...