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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ron's BIG Day

Thanks to all of you who took the time to weigh in on our survey.  As noted before, the ride on lawn mower won by a wheel.  But what, you might ask, has become of our well thought out votes?  Here is the story of Ron and the mower.

It became patently clear early on that no Canadian Tire special would do for our purchase.  The motto on the Island is "Go Green, or Go Home".  We'd perused the classifieds, checked out good old CT and kept eyes peeled for "Moving Sales", but the grass just kept getting higher.  Our lovely realtor had the lawn mown before we arrived ($120, if you please!) which she kindly split with us as a welcome home present.  Taking our new acquaintances advice, we hied off to the local John Deere (yes, the emerald green logo with the deer cavorting happily across the centre) dealer and perused the stock.  We met a lovely man named Francis who gave us the low down on all we could ever want to know about ride-on mowers.   We picked out a very serviceable used LA165\48.  (Yeah, you city folk, get your minds around that!)

The dealership offered free next day delivery.  (GO-O-O-O customer service!)  As we had a few home appointments, we hung around waiting for the blessed event.

We didn't have to wait long, a well seasoned John Deere employee named Whitney, came to deliver the baby.  He has been  mowing lawns since he was 5 years old and he's the same age as me and has been mowing lawns for as long as Ron has worked for the Bay.  He gave us the rundown on our new machine and even gave us a bit of a lesson on how to mow the lawn properly.

I know, you all just want to see the pictures, so fill your boots!

One happy Ron

One quarter of the yard
Even I can't resist a try.

Into the sunset...


  1. Yo- that is some nice machinery and some beautiful land... looks like half of Vancouver could go there and pitch a tent

  2. I think Ron should paint it black.

  3. Hi Ron and Danica!!!!! :)
    You two look GREAT!!!!!!!!! :)
    I LOVE that you two are enjoying your new life!!!!!! :) :)
    Love you
    Love Cathy :)
    wooooo hooooo :)