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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nesting Humans and Rogue Squirrels

It's been almost a week since we moved in and we're starting to feel more settled.  Most of the rooms are tolerable at the least, only the living room is completely unacceptable.  Here's why:

Ick!!!  It wreaks havoc on our art work.   To truly appreciate the hideousness, you have to click on the right picture and load it up to it's full size, then try to imagine it everywhere in your living room.  We'll post more living room photos when we've removed the "wall paper".

Besides that, things are coming along, here's our dining room:

I'll get photos of the rest of the house shortly.  We have a new neighbour, a little red American squirrel, who I've named Heathcliffe.  They're quite small only slightly larger than a chipmunk, and like all small things, he comes with a large attitude.  Here's a picture of him, front paws resting on an apple stolen from one of our apple trees, I was about a metre away from him, there also one of him pretending to be all cute and innocent:
We have yet to find a name for our's on a big enough lot to merit one.  Suggestions are more than welcome and will be taken under advisement. (No Anne of Green Gables references please (nor Dan of Green Gables, thank you very much!)

1 comment:

  1. That is the ugliest wall paper I have ever seen. After you take it all down you should put a small piece of it in a frame so you can remember how ugly it was. Looks like you guys are settling in nicely. Wish I could come visit.

    For a house name you should call it
    Stanwick House

    it means Dweller of a rocky town.