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Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Beautiful Bathroom

If this blog had a subtitle, it would be "From Road Warriors to Reno Warriors - Our Journey to PEI".  With that said I'm rather proud to announce that we finally have a working upstairs bathroom again.  I'll refer you to our installment entitled "Bathroom Phase One".  (go ahead click it to be reminded of where we started from.)  Sure there are a few touches that need to be completed, but for the most part, the reno is complete.  Here are some pictures to prove it:

(The weird lines in the pictures of the tub are because it's so new and shiny!)  Oh sure, there are things that still need to be done...we need to install the base boards and finish the wall paper on the one wall, the outside of the shower needs to be grouted and silicone, we need to get and install the towel bars etc (they're en route) and then we need to dress it with all the little decorative touches, but it's pretty satisfying to have a fully functioning bathroom upstairs again, especially one that's very pretty.  (I'd say chic, but that sounds vain.)  Ron has really outdone himself, as he did most of the labour, except for a bit of plumbing.  We invite you to come see it!  Now, on to the exterior of the house! (But, shhhhh, don't tell Ron I said that yet!)


  1. I'd say "chic" too! Very classy. Well done, Ron!

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  3. Very nice, are the taps Italian ?

  4. Taps,tub,shower,vanity are all Canadian, the toilet is from OZ as it's name is TOTO