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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Robertsons versus the Squirrels (and a Bathroom Update)

 Considering our last adventure with Heathcliffe (or She-cliffe/Heathcliffette) you'd think that we'd be all squirreled out.  But, alas, our little friend must have left a "come hither" odour d'amour that hasn't evaporated yet.  We've had several squirrels coming over looking for a quick hook-up and noticing that there isn't a resident in our highly desirable squirrel Nirvana, most of the romancers have decided that this may just be the place for them.  (See the comments from the last post, to truly understand our vexation at this turn of events!)

We rejigged the squirrel trap using off cuts of tile so that it's more sensitive.  This morning one of our little friends went in and grabbed the cracker (with peanut butter) and sat on the trip pan munching.  The rotten thing had the gall to look RIGHT AT US through the kitchen window, as if to say "Thanks Suckers!"  Ron went out once and the squirrel left the trap, but went back in once Ron walked away to a safe distance.  We decided to try and spring the trap by knocking it with something.  Ron picked up a good rock and tossed it at the trap.  Well, I guess the projectile was enough to startle the squirrel into jumping and low and behold, the trap sprung.  Victory!  Another impromptu drive was completed and we felt smug, until we saw the other squirrel.  It won't go near that darn trap...perhaps it's buddy left a warning scent or some such.  (Perhaps it's allergic to peanuts?)

Official score Squirrels - 2  Humans - 2

Anyhow, the bathroom is progressing, even though we've had to repaint to get a better harmony with the wall paper.  Here are some more photos (if you can stand it!)  I guess the one thing you have to understand is that to put up a glass shower door the side walls have to be PERFECTLY flush and level - this is no mean task, especially in a house that's 103 years old.  The guy who helped Ron put up the glass door was blown away by what a good job Ron did.  Imagine what he can do, know that he's experienced!:


From whence the infamous squirrel sprung!

In the time it's taken me to write and load up pictures we have secured another squirrel.  (No rock required, I think this one's a bit fatter than the last!)  So off we go on our third mini-road trip.  Wish us luck! PS Squirrels - 2 Humans - 3

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