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Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkins, Painting and Other Scarey Things (Danica's Big News)

Yes all, we are still alive and well!  It's been a busy week on the Robertson homestead...still waiting on name suggestions.  (Right now, "Windy Pines" comes to mind as the breeze howls through the tree line.)

We took the time to carve a pumpkin and buy treats for any kids crazy enough to walk up our long drive way in the pitch dark.  (As I've mentioned before, PEI folk are immensely practical, so we had no takers.)  Here's a picture of the pumpkin (I've titled the piece "Excedrin Headache Case #107").

I might have been channeling how I felt when we discovered yet another layer of wall paper in the living room.  We spent 5 days peeling, patching and sanding and then another 2 and half wall papering (keep in mind that it still needs a coat of paint).  The rest of the half day was spent painting the ceiling and we've finally gotten round to painting the walls.  You've seen the before pictures and the "we have some of it stripped off" pictures.  Here's the "we have some wall paper up" photos:

Here's the texture, so you don't think we're nuts for putting up white wall paper.

Pretty and clean white walls, at least temporarily.

You can see a peek of the dining room down the hall and that's the new sofa in the foreground, but you don't really get a true appreciation of it.

Finally, my big news.  (No, I'm not pregnant!  Ewwww!)  I am officially employed.  I've taken on a contract role at Malpeque Bay Credit Union where I'll be working (wait for it.....) FULL TIME for the next 16 months.  It's a long story, but the best decision for us at this point in time.  (In a previous post, I believe I mentioned that bathroom renos are expensive!)  Anyhow, that's the big shocker!  I think it will be fine as it's an administrative position supporting the lenders and investment folk.  (Read that to say "no members to deal with"; not that I didn't love a good portion of them.)  I'll finish off with a photo of our furry friend Heathcliffe, who has developed a certain unholy love of torturing Ron by hanging around the car and running up over the tires.  (He's going to find his way in to a stew if he chews any of the wires!)

Sittin' on the back porch surveying his kingdom.

Note our pretty maple tree in the back ground. (I think Heathcliffe is ignoring me.)

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