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Friday, November 5, 2010

Battle Wallpaper - Victory Declared & Guest Room Photos

Now, I don't mean to make light of war, considering that Remembrance Day is coming up, but it took us 3 weeks to get the living room walls in order.  Not the carpet, which is still disgusting, or the lighting switched around as we would have liked, but just the walls...5 layers of actual wallpaper, plus 3 more of wallpaper backing that no one ever took the time to remove, crumbling plaster walls, uneven and incomplete trim, cracks filled with what I can only assume was rubber cement, textured wall board and unfinished ceiling was a process.

I'm sure you remember those hideous photos I posted, but for your viewing ease, I am re posting them.  Please stop to admire the "after" pictures (please ignore the carpet, it will be dealt with in due course) and send us heaps of praise as this was a big job and we're glad to see the improvements. (Don't forget, you can click on the photos for a larger view - recommended on the "afters", not so much on the "befores".)


This is where the difference really came in...the painting that we got in Montreal really looks sensational, I must say.  (Thanks Ed Grimly! - If you don't know who he is, that's what search engines are for.)


Now, really, isn't that just the slightest bit better?  The walls are actually the colour of Adam's Peanut butter (though its called "Tea Time"), minus the dark flecks (smooth, not chunky, not that I think there's a difference). I know because I compared.


Tell me if you think this is strange or not...when I was about 10 or so, I found a chandelier bauble in Mom's jewelry box, which I've kept ever since, wearing it as an earring in the 80's, an embellishment on a rhinestone necklace in the 90's and as a keepsake ever since.  Here's the weird part: the chandelier in the living room has those exact same baubles and was missing ONE.  It's pretty well a perfect match, except it doesn't need a good cleaning and the others do.  If we move again, I'm taking it with me (the bauble, not the chandelier.)  Still, it struck me as rather strange that I'd carried this little sparkly thing around (okay...those of you who know me well enough know I'm like a magpie and secretly like all things glittery) for 30 years.  One last set of "before and afters" and then the guest room...


Peanut butter yumminess!

Frosted floral felony...


For any of you considering a stay as Windy Pines (just trying that one on for commitment is made) behold your accommodations:

Bay teddy is waiting to greet you and we even have fancy things like a set of guest towels...I know, we go classy all the way.  Check out the warm wool HBC blanket (6 points...that means bigger) just ready for those cold wintery nights.  (Don't worry, we both know that if any of you come visit, it will likely be in the more clement weather, but, like the boy scouts (that thing that Ron did for 15 minutes and decided was stupid) it's best to be prepared.)


  1. Love the changes hon. yes it is 100% better your yummy PB looks fantastic just wondering how you got the pattern is it also wallpaper or textured roller???
    I am not surprized at all about the crystal you lovingly carried as a treasured memory fitting perfectly into your new home I believe we all end up exactly where we are suppose to be when we are supposed to be there.
    We love the guest room and may just drive the car over for a week end visit next year if you guys are alright with little pudd'in coming also.
    huggs and love kid.

  2. Pudd'in is always welcome, just like the two of you. The wallpaper is textured, so we just had to paint it. I like to believe that I'm where I'm supposed to be...but why do we move so much if that's the case??? Am I supposed to be EVERYWHERE at least once?