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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest We Forget...

While I strive for levity on my posts, today is a day introspection.  I find myself thinking about our lives as Canadians, whether east, west or somewhere in between; the simple freedom of being able to get up and go out when we wish, the plentifulness of food, shelter and water...the security of living in a democratic society, albeit with a monarch.

This state of grace, and no matter your struggle, be certain that it is indeed just that, has been built on the bodies of those who have served in our militaries and peace forces.  Those that have died in conflicts, that that came back unwhole, either in body, mind or both have used their flesh to build this thing that we complain about, ignore and drown with our apathy day to day.  Thanks to them, that is our right and it's easy to do, when we don't have to worry about armed gunmen coming in the night and decimating our neighbourhoods, supported by the government, that we can be certain of water to clean and cook with and that the next rain fall (or lack there of) will not lead our families to starvation.

It strikes me that peace, true peace, is an impossibility...we are incapable of achieving it, but like any unattainable goal the victory lies in its pursuit.  So take today to be at peace, find gratitude, even in the things that are irritants in your day to day life.  

My heart is with all the families, including my own, that have people who serve or have served, our country, who fear picking up the telephone or answering the doorbell; with those that have done so and survived the dreaded news and to all of those that have served and are serving, be they alive or moved on to what ever is beyond this life.  I thank all of you and am humbled.  You are not forgotten.

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