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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ron the Framer

Another week has passed and we survived the bits of snow - it really didn't amount to a whole lot and even though we had wet snow last night, there's hardly anything on the ground.  The moisture did make soup of our driveway, so we've come to the inevitable conclusion that we have to address the issue.  Ironically we had our snow tires put on this week - better safe than sorry.  But here's a shot out the kitchen window, from today, the 27th of November.

We had our first power outage and it's quite hard to describe (at least to city dwellers) how dark it is here when you don't have light.  In the dead of night you can't see your hand in front of your face because there's no external sources of light anywhere nearby.  You can see the glow of distant towns on the horizons but nothing like the permanent glow coming from a major city.  (That's why we have a night light in the upstairs hall to get to the bathroom at night - but that just doesn't help when there's no power.)  It was a short outage affecting only a small area and power was back on in just under two hours.

Ron has successfully complete the hallway framing job and I think he did very well for his first time.  It looks quite professional and is a vast improvement.  (Our motto is "It's better than what was there before!" for anything we do to the house.  It makes us feel better, even if we don't do the most perfect job - not that this was one of those cases.)

The new corner wall.

Hallway overview

Previous light fixture for reference.
We admit that the new light fixture may not be perfect but...(refer to our motto above.)  You have to admit that the stair rail is quite beautiful.  We're going to try to get a stained glass window for above the door, just to lay over what's there already.  Our house is coming we start on the dining room.  To all of you following this, we thank you.  There are times when we feel so far away from everyone that we wonder if we're "out of sight - out of mind".  Know that you are all in our thoughts regularly.  Miss you all!

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