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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our First Snowfall

As mentioned in my last blog installment, we were expecting snow.  It started  mid-day with very small light little flakes drifting down and not coating anything at all.  As the day progressed the flakes got larger and turned in to that wonderful Christmas-sy snow that you see on greeting cards.  That type of snow always brings to mind family and friends, the upcoming holidays and how far away we really are, but we're glad to have the first snow fall over and done with and makes us glad that we're having the snow tires put on the car this week.

The ensuing blanket didn't get very deep, but snow it was and snow we have.  Here are a few photos.  (I'm pretty sure all you West Coasters will be mildly disappointed as it's much like looking out your own windows today.  My bad...did that seems like a bit of a jab?)  I'm just going to let the pictures load however they want, as no matter how I fight with them to try and get some order, they just refuse to co-operate and depending on your computer screen you see them laid out differently anyway.

From the back porch.

Farmer's field

Fledgling icicles
 Work on the house continues, today we are framing in the ventilation pipe that was added to the office.  (Can you imagine, it didn't have any heat before!)  It's our first framing job and we've taken some liberties with the tried and true method, but hey, it's not like it's a supporting wall or anything and trust me it's toe-nailed like no body's business.  You might wonder about the green painter's tape at the top; we had to use ""No More Nails" to help secure the top of the supports (I'm sure there's a name for them, but I can't bring it to mind) as the ceiling doesn't seem to have anywhere that will secure nails and we were too lazy to use gyprock plugs etc.

Ron nailing in a support bar.
 Now we just have to finish insulating, put up the wall board, continue the base board around and paint to match the existing wall - no problem!  ;0)
Our handy work.
We've managed to keep all of our limbs and digits and no small children were hurt during the process, so all is well.

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