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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


No, sillies!  Not THAT word, but another four letter word that starts with "s"...yes, that's right  -snow!  We had some, a lot of some...on November 2nd!   There was little snow, there was bigger snow; thankfully it didn't stick.  Well, we know it will eventually, I'm contemplating buying snow shoes to hike the some 14 - 15 kms to work.  Funny that just the other day we got our bicycles so we can tour around in the good weather - I'm sure the locals thought we were completely certifiable.  (Hello, May -  I`m quite looking forward to you!)  Even though it snowed intermittently throughout the day (perhaps I should have been a weather girl?), it never built up enough to take a picture, but not to fear...I'm fairly certain I'll have plenty of pictures to get the West Coaster's laughing their you-know-what's off soon enough.

Ron is fully rigged out with puffy winter jacket, boots (good up to minus 40) and gloves fit to explore the arctic in the dead of winter.  As for me, I`m counting on layering -  I mean really, how cold can it get?  The million dollar question is how will we get the car down that long driveway after a huge dump of snow?  (Which may or may not happen - the type of winter is being hotly debated in several Summerside circles and no one can agree.  I`m siding with the wasp theory...they`re building their nests close to the ground, so that apparently means that there won`t be much snow.  I keep picturing little yellow and black news casters in suit and tie giving the "buzz" about the news - sorry couldn't help the terrible pun.)

We've almost completed the epic battle of the living room.  We've been painting for two days now and still have the trim to go...what a waste of two relatively agile brains!  That being said (as per our mantra for everything we do to the house) "It's better than what was there!".  My time off is quickly coming to a close and I'm not too sure how much time I'll be able to spend adding more minutiae to these pages.

We miss you all and think about our old lives on the other side of the country., but so far, so good, as they say.  We aren't ready to turn tail and run yet and I think we both feel strangely at home...I know, I know...we'll wait for the first big dump of snow.  Any takers on the pool going on in town as to whether we'll make it through the first winter or not???


  1. Hopefully you will have time to still update your blog, thanks for sending those e-mail alerts when you do. I have the blog icon in the middle of the desktop and usually check every day or so to see your progress.

    The winter is supposed to be colder than usual in the Nothern Hemisphere due to the ocean currents, apparently much like 2008, so I'm expecting we will get an early snow this year.
    I have the salt bags piled up and my snow shovel handy.

  2. Hi to the two of you!
    First of all, Danica, Congrats on your new job, I think. It will actually be one way of getting to know the locals better!

    Nice to see the progress on the living room. As in all of your artistic endeavours, I'm sure it will be absolutely stunning.

    I have also heard that this winter is supposed to be harsh. I hope that prediction is wrong. So far we are having beautiful warm weather here in Victoria, though we have had a couple of days of downpour. My eyes are now fully focused on Dec 22 and our escape to Maui.

    Claude actually signed up at your old gym yesterday - guess you can tell that the housing market here has slowed down a bit and he now has the luxury of time for the gym. I also think he did not want to look out of shape in his bathing suit!!

    We think of you alot - it seems a little strange to have you living so far away, but really enjoy your on-going blog and I hope you have the time to continue it once you start work.

    Love you both very much. BIG HUG :)

  3. Nick hon. find out in town about adding a plow front to Ron's ride on you could clear out the drive in no time or just continue on to work,LOL
    We wish you well and put 5 dollars down for Kip and I in the pool to stay at least 1 year I know you are made of strong stuff.We have the same genes.Love and kisses Nene
    ps. will be thinking warm thoughts for you as we laze around the pool deck.HUGGGGGS

  4. Hi Guys,
    We are supposed to have a crummy winter (for us) so...rainboots or still is winter.
    Told you the John Deere needed to be big enough for a blade on the front to push the driveways entire snowfall onto the main street...if you have main streets (giggle).
    We have had some warm days on the rock (west coast rock) and some really soggy days. We thought we had sealed the barn roof but it isn't standing up to west coast rain. Back to the roof tomorrow.
    Made a great rissotto (SPELLING?) was actually baked instead of all the stiring...very rich but almost healthy!Thought of you when I was making it.
    Have fun on the snow shoes!

  5. Thanks for all the suggestions...apparently blades can't take care of deep snow, only a snow blower can...but you can get a snow blowing attachment for the front of the J. Deere. (That sounds like A LOT of snow!)