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Monday, September 27, 2010

Change of the Seasons, Beantown and Sleeping Sushi Chefs

We've come through some stunning countryside with the rather cliche autumn colours.  It really is quite different than the west coast.
The pictures don't really due the range of colours justice, but there was less brilliant red than I thought there might be.  En route we came across a few signs that read "Quaker Run Area" that the only place that Quakers are allowed to run amok?  So much for "land of the free"!

We arrived in Boston without incident and checked in to our hotel.  We arrived just around dinner time and went to the only restaurant in the area (we're staying outside of town near the parking).  Refreshed and ready to discover a new town, we headed out the next morning and took the "T" (subway) into town.  It's a really beautiful old girl...with brick building with black iron work.

You know that the government is suffering from an extreme form of moral decay when you see signs like this:

Blatant Law Infraction or Economic Bailout decide.

(In all truthfullness, I think General Hooker is a person of some importance, but didn't wander up to the statue to find out.)

We had a phenominal meal at  Monica's Ristoranti in little Italy.  We stayed about 2 and a half hours (maybe three?) and headed back to the hotel in the dark, the weather finally catching up with us casting a light mist over the city.

Today, our final day in Boston, we found Chinatown.  (Why is Chinatown always so disreputable looking???  It's the same in every city we've been in.)  We had a Korean lunch ( Chinatown) where we spent approximately 45 minutes.  Having used the restroom (NEVER "washroom" here in the States) I had a clear view behind the sushi bar ( a Korean Chinatown) and there was the sushi chef, head resting on the bar-like cutting boards most sushi bars utilize, fast asleep.  He had been there the whole time and I seated facing the sushi bar throughout the whole meal!
We checked out a small cemetary...I know it's ghoulish, but I find them fascinating, the older the better.  This one must have been established around the Victorian era as it was rampant with skulls with wings etc, here are some samples:

Stay tuned for the "BIG PUSH" - we're driving all day tomorrow to get to PEI as our furniture is arriving early (8:am on the 29th) Sutton for us, at least for right now...we'll update you when we can.

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