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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our lives reduced to card board

We both can't believe it, but the time has passed and it's finally time to get out of Dodge.  It's sad to see all our wordly possessions packaged up neatly (or seemingly so) in to symetric paper product containers.  (No more crying from the storage room, all boxes fulfilled their  raison d'etre.)

Here's the evidence:

This is only a small selection, as there's only so much space to take pictures of boxes stacked to the ceiling.  Well, all these, their little friends and the furniture on which they were stacked, placed around or related to by room or function, have been duly packed in a large orange transport truck and are wending their way across Canada.  (Be safe and well little boxes, expecially any of you carrying something fragile!)

Here's some last looks at friends and family from Vancouver, those of you we've said good-bye to (with heavy hearts and high hopes).  Sorry there aren't more, but I'm waiting on copies from others!  Our heats are always with all of you, never doubt it.  Thanks for all your wishes and more importantly, for your friendship and love!

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