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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random thoughts and experiences.

I had the overwhelming thought that border guards should really have to take some tourism training.  Would it kill them to at least welcome you to the country (or home, as the case may be)?  I understand they have a job and that they are the first line of defense to keep their respective countries secure, but really, is it too much to ask for them to be a bit welcoming once you pass inspection?

Secondly, have you ever walked in to a room where you felt completely out of place?  We stopped to pick up coffee from a roadside diner in Alberta, about an hour outside of Okotoks and when we walked through the door every head turned and the whole place stared at us.  I had to resist saying "Take me to your leader."  It's like they never saw someone they didn't is that possible?

Why do Wisconsians (?) put cheese on everything?  I tried to get around it by ordering the house garden side salad, but alas...grated cheddar cheese.  (I have no issue with cheese on salad, per se, but on EVERY salad?)

Why aren't long lunches legislated as required at least once a week?  Ron and I spent two hours at lunch in Chicago and it's just a really relaxing exercise.

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