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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 2 & 3 - RV Convoys Family Time and Wind Farms

It was a long day yesterday, our first full day of travel.  We left Revelstoke and cruised through the Rockies.  Its hard to explain the majesty of those mountains.  Every curve in the road offered amazing views of cragy, snow covered precipices, milky green mountain rivers and pine covered forests.  The leaves are starting to turn, so the views were interspersed with bright yellow and rusty reds of deciduous trees.

I just don't have the words to describe the emotional impact of this amazing place.  Its hard to think that we're leaving it behind.  We passed an RV convoy at Kicking Horse pass, about 12 camper van rentals all travelling in a tidy row.  I feel badly for any wild life that they may have spotted, as the poor moose or bear may have felt like Brittany Spears at the hair dresser.

Ron and I visited both my sister and his brother in outlying areas of Calgary.  Ron's family kindly offered to put us up for the night, so we stayed there and then headed out in the morning.   (The bug kill count was down noticably, around 10,640.)  We travelled 545.8 kms by the end of the day.

We cruised down from Airdrie towards the US, wiper blades swishing rythmically across the wind shield.  The rain stopped as we approached the border and having safely crossed (the border guard tried to shake us down for alcohol, but we weren't going to cop to anything) the clouds parted and the sun began to shine.  As the weather cleared we came across an amazing wind farm:

We stopped in Great Falls, Montana for lunch (Appleby's...I know, not our usual style, but we were hungry and had been driving for several hours.  It's a pretty little town with traditional tree lined streets and the Missouri River (or so the sign said) running through.

We finally arrived in Billings at 6:30 pm and checked in to a Best Western and found a nice little Tapas restaurant called Walkers.  After a lovely dinner and a bit of a wander around the downtown area.  It was markedly dead, not like Vancouver at all, but not many towns have people living in the downtown seemed a little sad actually.  Tomorrow we're off to South Dakota and the various gigantic rock sculptures carved in to the mountains.  After that...who knows?

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