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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day one on the road (Holy beer cans Batman!)

For any of you that watch Jay Leno's "Headlines" segment on Mondays, you have to imagine him saying "Police Blotter" for the following sub titles!

567.1 kms  (7.5 hours of travel including stops)

- Garburator failed to operate on our move out inspection, stay tuned to find out whether it was our fault or just wear and tear.  (Can you guess...considering we didn't know it wasn't working?)
- Barely avoided a wind shield mishap (just outside of Kamloops, of course!) involving a half crushed Budweiser beer can flying from the back of a pick up truck (again...we're talking Kamloops here, people, they love their trucks!) which hit our wind screen, but didn't damage the window.

Bugs Killed:

We stopped in Revelstoke at the Regent Inn, had a lovely dinner and re-organized our bags which were a mismash of things due to the rush of moving.

First glances from on the road:

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey. We will look forward to reading it every day.

    Watch out for the "flying beer cans."

    Be safe, and enjoy and treasure every single moment of the trip!

    Big hug, and love to you both.

    Mary and Claude