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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

With every joy comes sorrow.

Yesterday came, anticipated like a new baby, and at the end, as Ron hung up his work suit for the final time, we said good-bye, not only to his 36 year career with the Bay, but also, sadly, to my brother, Paul.

Some of you may know that Paul went missing two months ago and yesterday came the news that his remains had been found.  His wife Gayle, one of the bravest women I can think of, had to wait 8 weeks to be able to go to the spot where she believed him to be, as Nevada law enforcement was unwilling to do what should have been done right away.  It was she that found him and it was her grim task to deal with all that must be done when a life has gone.  He had walked out to the desert, a place he cherished, in search of clarity and I can only hope he found it.  I'm trying to find peace in the fact that what he did, he did intentionally and that it had meaning to him.

Paul and Gayle
Desert Sunrise

So Ron's retirement went out quietly, under the clouds of family loss.  We will but pause our journey in this moment.  Life marches on and those who have lost know, that only by living can we honour those who have passed out of this world and on to whatever lies beyond it.

Hug your loved ones, if they're near, tell them you love them, if they are far and find joy while you can.  Follow your heart, as Ron and I are doing, because life is just too short to do anything less.


  1. My love to you sister as we share in this grief but also the start of a new chapter in our lives.

  2. My thoughts are with you, Ron and Gayle as you come to grips with your loss of a brother and loved one. You are right Danica, doing something with intention shows bravery, even though we sometimes don't see it as such.
    The most important things in life - we have no words for.
    The second most important things in life - we express through music, art, dance, etc.
    The third most important things we talk about.
    Seems these are notions that might help in times like these.